The Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate

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Chocolates may have a sweet and naughty reputation, but dark chocolate—which contains higher levels of cacao—has been discovered to have a range of surprising health benefits. Research has found that dark chocolate has a variety of positive effects related to heart health, brain health, blood pressure, and even arthritic pain.

At the heart of these benefits is the presence of flavonols, which are primarily found in cocoa and are known for their antioxidant properties. These antioxidant compounds act as an anti-inflammatory and restrict free radical damage, among other potential benefits. Unlike other forms of chocolate, dark chocolate contains higher amounts of flavonols, making it an ideal choice for a snack with benefits.

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Heart Health

When it comes to heart health, dark chocolate is an unexpected superfood. Eating dark chocolate has been linked to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Studies have discovered that consuming dark chocolate can reduce insulin resistance and the risk of metabolic syndrome, both of which can have serious effects on the heart. Additionally, dark chocolate has been associated with a decreased chance of developing type 2 diabetes.

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Brain Health

It turns out that dark chocolate’s benefits extend far beyond the heart. Recent studies show that consuming dark chocolate can improve cognitive ability. In these studies, participants who consumed dark chocolate benefitted from improved mental clarity and a general increase in memory. Stronger concentration was also noted, a potential side-effect that could be useful both in professional and academic settings.

Arthritis Relief

It isn’t just the brain and heart that benefits from dark chocolate. Studies have found that dark chocolate is beneficial for arthritic pain, in particular. A number of reports have highlighted the benefits of dark chocolate for individuals who suffer from degenerative joint diseases, noting that consuming dark chocolate leads to fewer pains and aches. This benefit has been linked to the anti-inflammatory properties of flavonols.

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Dark chocolate may be a pleasure to eat, but evidence shows that it can also be beneficial for a variety of physical and mental health conditions. This unexpected treat is an easy way to gain surprising benefits and also satisfy an occasional craving. Enjoyed in moderation, dark chocolate provides numerous advantages that make this guilty pleasure worth savoring.